Tamanna said openly with that hero without shame..Cinema elders shocked..!?

“Ranu Ranu Raju’s horse is a donkey” ..this proverb is said by the elders in our house. You can hear it too. But this saying suits some heroines in the industry now, say film analysts. The cuties who once reigned as star heroines are now fighting for opportunities with heroes. Tamanna Bhatia is a hot beauty among artists.

Needless to say about this lady, even though she has been in the film industry for a long time, she is still getting opportunities as a heroine. Moreover, she has acted opposite star heroes in all languages ​​irrespective of whether it is Telugu, Tamil or Hindi and has been added to the list of star heroines within a very short time of entering the industry. Tamannaah, who continues to be the top star in the industry. Recently, the comments made about a hero have gone viral on social media.


Tamanna is soon going to greet the audience with the movie Present Bubbly Bouncer. As part of the promotions of the movie, she said, “Which hero would you like to act with again?” She said “Saif Ali Khan”. In fact, Tamannaah has acted with many big stars in Tollywood as well. Telugu fans are on fire after Tamannaah mentioned Saif Ali Khan’s name. Moreover, Tamannaah’s fans are furious saying that how can Tamanna want to act with a father who is married and has children without shame. It is said that there are many people who give opportunities in Tollywood. With this, Tamannaah’s name has become viral on social media.

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