Taman who is flying and flying..is it time to settle down..? Has the countdown started?

In the current film industry, the name of music director Thaman is not to be mentioned in any particular range. When a movie becomes a hit, it is not the names of the star hero and heroine, but the name of the music director that people are making popular. Taman changed his name in such a way that it became popular. It is noteworthy that Taman has worked as a music director for every blockbuster movie that has been released in recent times.

Most importantly, Taman’s name became the number one range trend on social media after receiving back to back hits like Balayyato Akhanda..and then Veera Simhareddy. But in recent times, film analysts say that Taman is doing things in such a way as to put his career in trouble. Taman is a judge for Idol Singer season 2 while also working as a music director.

In this order, the talk that he is overacting in the recently started show. Geetha Madhuri, who is another judge in the show, is throwing funny punches at Karthik and vulgar double meaning dialogues at the contestant. People are saying that if Taman’s behavior continues like this, Taman’s career will be spoiled. If he concentrates on the music without overdoing it and gives a genuine review, surely Taman will continue to be the number one music director in the industry..or else his career will be doomed..!!

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