Taapsee Pannu | Taapsee, who is staying away from the big screen, will she be limited to OTTs?

Taapsee Pannu Movies| From the very beginning of her career, Taapsee Pannu has become a successful heroine in the industry by doing films that are different from the routine. This beauty, who entered the film industry with the movie ‘Jhummandi Nadam’, scored a super hit in the first movie. After this film, he got a chance in the movie Mr. Perfect with Prabhas. Everyone thought that Taapsee’s career would go somewhere with this movie. But that didn’t happen. After Mr. Perfect, all the films she acted in were flops at the box office. With that, her opportunities in Telugu have dried up. In this sequence, Taapsee moved to Bollywood. Bollywood has become busy with a series of films. Every movie starring Taapsee has achieved good success at the box office. But now Taapsee’s career has lost track. Taapsee’s career, which lit up like a firecracker before Corona, became like a rocket that fell to the ground after Corona.

Lately, almost all the movies starring Taapsee are going the OTT route. One or two films were released in theaters but they could not work out much. Discussions started in B-Town that her career is in trouble. Before Covid, Taapsee hit with a series of hits. But after covid hitte became scarce. Haseen Dilruba, which she starred in, was released in OTT during the Covid time. This movie got tremendous response from OTT lovers. Because of that, the films she acted in went OTT route. But after Haseen Dilruba, none of Taapsee’s films could impress the audience.

Movies like ‘Mission Impossible’ and ‘Shabhash Mithu’ were released in theatres.. They were a bit flops. Currently, Taapsee’s hopes are on ‘blur’. Taapsee also acted as the producer of this film which was made in the genre of horror thriller. But this film also chose the OTT route. Considering that it is not right to release this film in theaters in the current situation, Taapsee will release it in OTT. Will Taapsee get back on the track of success with this movie? Or? It should be seen.

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