Syamaladevi who put the rod to Prabhas’s decision after Krishnam Raju’s death..You are a great darling..!?

It is known that Tollywood’s senior hero rebel star Krishnamraju passed away on Sunday. Krishnamraju, who was suffering from illness for some time, breathed his last on Sunday morning. While his death is a great loss, film celebrities and politicians have mourned his death. Moreover, they spoke about their relationship with Krishnamraj through social media, saying that they wish his soul to rest in peace.

It must be said that the death of Krishna Raju is a huge loss for Prabhas. Prabhas was introduced to the film industry by Krishnam Raje. Not only that, in the beginning of Prabhas’s career, Prabhas was making mistakes in his choice of films..Krishnam Raju, who brought Prabhas’s career to the list of hit heroes in time. In many interviews, Prabhas himself has told how much he values ​​Krishnamraj on stage. Now Prabhas is unable to digest the news that Krishnam Raju is no more. It has been almost six days since his death and yet Prabhas is drowning in that sadness. The recent decision taken by Prabhas is causing confusion among Rebel fans.

As we know Prabhas who is making movies at Pan India level.. Currently he is busy shooting for project K movie in Salar movie. After this shooting, Prabhas will participate in the shooting of Maruti Combo’s upcoming film. But after the sudden death of Krishnamraju, Prabhas announced that he is postponing all the shooting for about three months. Prashant Neel ..Nag Ashwin ..Maruthi said no shooting schedule for three months.

We know that Prabhas, who makes films at the pan India level, loses crores if he misses the call sheets for one day. And if the shooting of the film is stopped for about three months… we can imagine the damage. Moreover, in these three months, Prabhas is thinking of taking the responsibility of Krishnamraju’s house and settling Krishnamraju’s daughters in life. Since Krishnamraju, who was the big one in the house so far, is no longer there, Prabhas became big and focused on his younger sister’s wedding, and Shyamaladevi joined hands with Prabhas. “If you were not born in my womb.. you are my son” she became emotional. This news has gone viral on social media.

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