Swathimuthyam | Swati Mutyam has a huge target ahead.. Will Chiru and Nags survive..?

Swathimuthyam | When two rams are in the ring, if they go to the middle, they will punch and kill. Even knowing that, he must have a lot of confidence in himself to enter the ring. New hero Bellamkonda Ganesh says that confidence is in me. When the films of star heroes like Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna are competing for Dussehra, this boy hero came as if he was also in the race. He is the younger son of senior producer Bellamkonda Suresh. Brother Srinivas has already become a hero. Now the younger brother is also entering the industry. His first film Swatimutyam will release on October 5 on the occasion of Dussehra.

As the movie is coming under the banner of Sitara Entertainments, it has found enough theaters. Apart from that, promotions are also being done well. New director Laxman R Krishnan talks about sperm donation in the movie Swathi Mutyam. This is a Vicky Donor style movie. Despite the bold content, the director-producers confidently say that this festival will be a film worth watching by the entire family. The business of this movie has also done well. Even though it is a new hero, the producers have done a business of around 4.2 crores for Swathi Mutyam movie with faith in the content. It will be safe if it gets 5 crores.

In the current situation, getting a 5 crore share for a new hero movie is not a small thing.. But if the content is extraordinary, it is not a big problem. Besides, if you don’t get tickets for Chiru and Nag movies… there is no other option. Being a suitable subject for the family audience is also a plus point for Swathimuthyam. Even though it is a bit good because it is the festival season, they are also coming with the belief that the audience will pass marks. And if their belief comes true.. Let’s see whether Bellamkonda Ganesh will compete with Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna and collect 5 crores or not.

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