Swathi Reddy Interview | Producer Swathi Reddy said on Tuesday that he did not want to make a film in thriller genre

Mangalavaaram | Coming from RX100 fame Ajay Bhupathi’s compound is Mangalavaaram. Payal Rajput is acting in the lead role of this movie coming with a male oriented plot in horror comedy genre. The title and concept posters, which have already been launched since Tuesday, are doing the rounds.

It will have a grand release in theaters on Tuesday, November 17. With the release date approaching, the team has become busy in promotions. Swathi Reddy, daughter of prominent businessman Nimmagadda Prasad, is making her debut as a producer with this film. Suresh Verma and Swathi Reddy are jointly producing. The features of the movie are in their own words.

Swathi Reddy Chitchat..

Even if your family has been in the industry for 30 years.. the reason for entering after such a gap..?

Is there any delay..? I don’t think so. I am a movie buff. I have curiosity towards film making. I learned a lot from Suresh Verma when he joined our TV. I told Suresh Varma that I want to make a film. We wanted to make the film together. Tuesday’s output will exceed expectations.
How is your relationship with Allu Arjun?

Allu Arjun and I have been friends since before we joined Maa TV. Our families have a good bond. When I was in college my HVD had given me a condition that Allu Arjun should be the chief guest for the event. Allu Arvind asked Uncle.. Bunny came to the event. Since then the friendship started. Moreover, Snehareddy and I are also good friends. My husband Pranav and Sneha are school mates.

Making a dark thriller is more risky than a commercial film or a love story.. What is your opinion on this..?

We did not think that we will make a film in this genre. I watch comedy movies. I don’t watch thrillers that much. When Ajay Bhupathi explained the script, I thought it would be good to do the same. I loved Tuesday’s message. A movie has music, emotions, message…all the elements.

Suresh Sharma Chit Chat..

Why Tuesday? Have you got any other scripts before?

We heard two or three stories before the movie on Tuesday. Ajay Bhupathi told me the story on Tuesday during RX 100 time. I am very excited. Ajay wanted to make a film under home banner. Mention the names of some producers. Then tell Swati to listen to the story. Tuesday’s output exceeded expectations.
Chiranjeevi launched the trailer and spoke highly of you.. how are you feeling..?

I am a big fan of Chiranjeevi. In my childhood I had a dream to see him up close. Now Chiranjeevi himself tweeted about our film. I will never forget these moments in my life.
Will you continue to make films regardless of the outcome?

Nimmagadda Prasad, our boss, Swati’s father, taught us how to put the jayapajayas aside and enjoy the working process. We enjoyed working on the film on Tuesday. We also enjoyed it on our TV. We will ensure that our efforts are flawless regardless of the results.

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