Superstar Krishna: Vijaya Nirmala – Indira Devi who is Krishna’s favorite.. The truth came out after his death…!

Superstar Krishna : After hearing the news of Superstar Krishna’s death, his fans were heartbroken. Krishna’s fans and Mahesh Babu’s fans are unable to digest his death along with the film industry. With the death of Krishna, who was a major figure in the industry, the film industry was suddenly shocked. Krishna, who was suffering from illness for many years, passed away today at 4 o’clock in the morning. He died while receiving treatment in the hospital. The doctors revealed that he died due to difficulty in breathing and heart attack.

With this, the Krishna family was plunged into grief. It seems that there is a possibility that Krishna’s funeral will be held tomorrow. On the other hand, death haunts the superstar family. Three people in the Krishna family have already died. Now Krishna’s fans are suffering a lot as Krishna also died. Krishna’s elder son Ramesh Babu’s death, Vijaya Nirmala’s death a few years before, and recently his first wife Indira Devi’s death left Krishna very depressed. Even though Vijayanirmala died, Krishna recovered, but when Indira Devi died, Krishna could not bear it anymore. Krishna likes Indira Devi more than Vijayanirmala.

Vijaya Nirmala and Indira Devi who is Superstar Krishna’s favorite

Superstar Krishna : Does Krishna like Indira Devi?

The reason for that.. is his first wife, he wants to get married. Krishna liked Indira Devi and married her. But.. after going into movies, Vijaya grew fond of Nirmala. Although Vijaya grew fond of Nirmala and got married, his love for Indira Devi did not decrease. Krishna loved Indira Devi even more than Vijayanirmala. After her death, Krishna became more depressed. He suffered in himself. Very hurt. So his health deteriorated further. In the end, he also took his last breath in bed a few days after Indira Devi’s death.

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