Superstar Krishna | Superstar not only in movies.. but also in politics..!

Superstar Krishna | Superstar Krishna excelled in politics as well as movies. When the Jai Andhra movement took place in 1972, Krishna openly supported the movement. In the 1980s, when NTR Rama Rao entered the political arena and became the CM, the glamor of Telugu Nata cinema became linked to politics. The political film ‘Eenadu’ released on 17 December 1982 with Krishna in the lead played a key role in the success of NTR’s Telugu Desam Party. In 1983, Telugu Desam Party took over the government and took charge as the Chief Minister of NTRAP.

Differences with NTR

In 1984, when Nadella Bhaskara Rao overthrew NTR’s government and became the Chief Minister, a full-page advertisement was published saying that Krishna was congratulating Bhaskara Rao. After that, after NTR took charge as CM again, NTR and Krishna had differences. When Indira Gandhi was assassinated in October 1984, Krishna went to Delhi for her funeral. At the same time, Krishna met Rajiv Gandhi, who took over as Prime Minister and President of the Congress Party. In the same order, the Congress leaders thought that the Krishna Congress party, which has popular appeal, would be beneficial to compete with NTR. After this, in 1984, Krishna joined the Congress party. After that, Krishna made several films satirically criticizing the actions of the NTR government.

Satires on NTR government..

Many people say that this is the reason behind Krishna doing many political films in the 80s. Kaikala Satyanarayana, one of the villains in the movie Simhasanam, has been satirized in the style of NTR. The film ‘Na Pilupe Prabhanjanam’ was criticized and screened. Rama Rao’s fans attacked theater owners and distributors united to block the film, but it failed. After that he made a movie ‘Sahasame Na Oopiri’ directed by Vijaya Nirmala. After that many films were screened to put the government in trouble.

Eluru MP success in 1989..

In 1989, Krishna contested from the Eluru Lok Sabha constituency on behalf of the Congress and won. In the 1991 Lok Sabha elections, the party contested again in Eluru, even though it wanted the Krishna Guntur Lok Sabha constituency. In that election, Krishna lost to his opponent Bolla Bulliramayya by a margin of 31 thousand votes. In 1991, Krishna said goodbye to direct politics due to the brutal assassination of Congress President and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, who was close to him and encouraged him in politics, and the defeat in Elur as the Congress did not give him the Guntur constituency he wanted. In the 2009 elections, Krishna announced his support for the Congress party as per the wish of YS Rajasekhara Reddy.

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