Superstar Krishna Passed Away: Krishna’s body at home..Moving to Padmalaya studio tomorrow morning!

Superstar Krishna: After the death of Superstar Krishna, film and political celebrities are reaching Krishna Vijaya Nilayam in Nanakramguda to pay their respects. But the family members initially said that his body will be moved to Gachibowli Stadium in the evening for fans to visit.

Superstar Krishna Passed Away: Tollywood’s tribute to Superstar Krishna’s physical body

But, due to some reasons Krishna’s body is being kept at the house in Nanakramguda. Moreover, fans were also given permission to see Krishna every now and then. Krishna’s body will be moved to Padmalaya studio tomorrow at 7 am. Krishna’s body will be kept at the Padmalaya studio till 12 noon for the visit of some other celebrities and fans. After that, Krishna’s last rites will be performed in the Mahaprasthan, the family members said.

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With this news Krishna fans are reaching Nanakramguda in large numbers. Every time they see their favorite hero, they shed tears. Meanwhile, Film Producers’ Council has announced that the Tollywood film industry will observe a bandh tomorrow to mourn Krishna’s death. And ‘Maa’ has called for all the Tollywood actors to participate in Krishna’s final yatra.

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