Superstar Krishna: Krishna who set the trend by creating records that were not possible even for NTR and ANNAR.. Do you know that?

Superstar Krishna : Much less can be said about Superstar Krishna. He has created a history in the Telugu film industry itself. Krishna is the pillar of the Telugu film industry. He acted not only as an actor but also as a director and producer. Not only that..Krishna is also credited with introducing the latest technology to the Telugu industry. Superstar Krishna has experimented more than any other hero in the Telugu industry. Somewhere in Hollywood only we see a hero like James Bond.

But.. it was Krishna who introduced the James Bond hero and the cowboy to the Telugu audience. At a time when the Telugu industry was not at the forefront in terms of technology.. Superstar took the Telugu industry to somewhere technically. So.. There are many records in the Telugu film industry that are only possible for Krishna. Whoever sees Krishna is called the hero of experiments or the hero of adventures. The reason for that.. the films he chose.. the films he made. Krishna’s first movie was Mekhmanasulu.. First East Man Color Social Movie.

Superstar Krishna created rare records in film industry

Superstar Krishna: Why is Krishna known as the actor of adventures and experiments?

Also.. Goodchari 116 is Krishna’s first James Bond movie. Mosagalku Mosagallu movie is the first cowboy movie. Also.. Alluri Sitaramaraju’s first Telugu movie scope movie. Dongala Dopidi movie is the first movie scope of the movie with techno vision. Along with Telugu Veera Levara, the movie Alluri Sitaramaraju won the National Award for Telugu song for the first time. With Mosagallaku Mosagadu, Krishna created another record as the Telugu hero who made his first pan world movie. This movie was also released in Hollywood. It created a record as the first Indian movie released there.

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