Super Star Krishna: The family decided to stop the treatment so that Krishna can take his last breath peacefully!

Super Star Krishna: Tollywood’s daring and dashing hero Super Star Krishna passed away today at Hyderabad Continental Hospital. Family members took him to the hospital on Sunday midnight due to difficulty in breathing. Despite being treated by an eight-member medical team since yesterday, today morning he left this world and went to the eternal world.

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Recently, the doctors revealed the causes of Krishna’s death. “Citiscan showed bleeding in the brain. Due to multiple organ damage due to brain damage, Krishna Gari’s body did not cooperate after all the efforts.. The international treatment failed. So we decided to stop the treatment so that he can take his last breath peacefully.

We have come to this decision after discussing with the family members. Artificial respiration was given only and all other treatment was stopped. He breathed his last at 4:09 in the morning due to organ failure. After learning about this, movie, political celebrities and fans are mourning the untimely death of Krishna.

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