Super Star Krishna | Natasekharu’s film career.. These are the characteristics of the Krishna family..!

Super Star Krishna Family | Natasekhar’s film career as a hero started after marriage. Krishna was married to Indira Devi when his first film ‘Tene Manasulu’ started as the hero. Before marriage, Krishna played key roles in films like ‘Kula Gotralu’ and ‘Padandi Pemuda’. And Krishna married Indira Devi on November 1, 1962. The year after that, the movie ‘Paruvu Pratishta’ starring Krishna in the lead role was released. This film brought Krishna a good name. After this film, he took a gap of two years and became a hero with the film Mekh Manusulu. Krishna got a super hit with his first movie.

Krishna and Indira have two sons and three daughters. Eldest son Ramesh Babu was born on 13 October 1965. Ramesh Babu who started his career as a child artist acted in more than 15 films as a hero and later became a producer. His first film as a producer was Amitabh Bachchan’s Hindi remake of Suryavamsam. After this movie, he produced Mahesh Babu starrer Arjun, Atithi, Agadu and Agadu. Meanwhile, Ramesh Babu died of illness on January 8 this year.

Younger son Mahesh Babu has established himself as a hero. Mahesh started his career as a child artist with the film Needa starring Ramesh Babu. Krishna and Mahesh Babu acted together in ten films. Mahesh acted as a child artist in 7 films and acted as a hero in three films. Besides, he directed a children’s movie named Balachandradu with Mahesh Babu as the main lead.

Krishna’s elder daughter Padmavati is away from movies. She married prominent businessman and MP Galla Jayadev in 1991. Her son Ashok Galla recently entered the industry with the movie Hero.

Krishna’s second daughter Manjula continues in the film industry. As an actress, director and producer, she worked in many fields and got a good reputation. Her husband Sanjay Swarup is also well known in the film industry as an actor.

Krishna Chinna Kumarte Priyadarshini is also away from movies. She is the wife of famous hero Sudhir Babu. They got married in 2006. After their marriage, Sudheer Babu entered films. He is currently a promising hero in Tollywood.

Seven years after Krishna married Indira Devi, he married his co-star Vijaya Nirmi for the second time. Naresh was also born to Vijaya Nirmal who was already married to Krishna Murthy. In 1967, Krishna and Vijaya Nirmala acted together for the first time with the movie ‘Sakshi’ directed by Bapu-Ramanalu. Together they acted in more than 50 films. Finally they both acted together in the movie ‘Sri Sri’. The same is the last film for Krishna. Besides, Krishna has done about fifteen films under the direction of Vijaya Nirmala. She died on June 27, 2019 due to illness.


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