Super Saddam: Jabarthest comedy show seniors who are not allowed to meet Saddam’s team

Super Saddam: Saddam and Yadama Raju, who gained a good reputation through the Patas program, are currently buzzing in Jabardast. With the removal of Hyper Adi, Mallema was replaced by the team of Saddam and Yadama Raju. Both of them had done it with Mallema in the past and left. Once they leave Mallemala there is no place for them, but this team stands out as something very special. It is a miracle that they got entry in Jabardast program

Some people think so. While the audience is happy about their entry, some members of the same show are trying to alienate Saddam’s team. There are accusations that some comedians who have been continuing for a long time in Jabardast are sidelining the team of Saddam and Yadama Raju. No matter how hard the Mallemas try, they do not seem to be able to integrate Saddam’s team. They are not getting Saddam in their team.. and even if Saddam invites anyone, they are not showing interest.

etv jabardasth team leader Super Saddam facing problems with others

Allegations are heard that Jabardast’s senior comedians have single-handedly turned Saddam’s team into one. In the past, Saddam has entertained the audience with his excellent comedy timing. In other channels too, Saddam participated in good programs and made people laugh. So there is no doubt that his entry in the Jabardast program is definitely a shock for everyone. While some seniors are criticizing Saddam’s team with the intention of increased competition, some are trying to distance themselves.

Super Saddam

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