Suma-Rajeev: Was there a fight between Suma-Rajeev because that beauty did that in the guest house?

Suma-Rajeev: In Tollywood industry, Suma and Rajeev do not need to be specially mentioned about Kanaka couple. Everyone was in awe of this adorable couple. But during the time of Karosa, there was a lot of fuss that there was a quarrel between these two and they were living separately. In this regard, Suma gave clarity in an interview. Quarrels between the two are real.. Many quarrels in these 23 years.. But one thing is true.. It is easy to divorce as husband and wife. But as a parent it is very difficult. But because of the quarrel, it was spread that Suma wanted to divorce Rajeev Kanaka, and this issue became a trending hot topic at that time.

But why did they actually want to go to the point of divorce.. The news went viral at that time saying that she was an item girl. When she acted in a movie with Rajiv Kanakala, even though that movie was not a big hit, Rajiv’s romance and chemistry with the girl was good. However, once they were found red-handed, Suma, who knew about this, was rumored to have distanced Rujiev. But now all the quarrels are over, Suma Rajeev Kanakala is happily enjoying the family life with her children.

the reason why suma and rajeev kanakala divorce

Suma-Rajeev: Did it happen because of her?

Apart from impressing the television audience with her eloquence, Suma continues to be a top anchor doing reality shows. After a long time Suma is going to make noise on the silver screen. Jayamma Panchayati once again entertained the movie lovers. This movie was directed by Kalivarapu Vijay Kumar and produced by Bala Prakash under the banner of Vennela Creations. This movie did not make a big impression at the box office. In every single channel broadcasted on the television screen, Suma is sure to keep the audience buzzing with some program. Similarly, whatever movie event, pre-release ceremony or award function is held, Suma’s voice must be heard there.

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