Sukrithi | ‘Kerinta’ engagement today .. Photos going viral!

Actress sukrithi Engagement | Everyone knows about the movie ‘Kerinta’. Released as a short film, it was a huge success at the box office. Sumant Ashwin played the hero while Sreedivya played the heroine. The concept of another character who is similar to the heroine in this film. Sukriti appeared in the emotional role. In fact, she’s a longer character than the heroine. This is the only film that has made the youth blindfolded. Her performance in the film captivated the audience with her cute expressions. She is currently away from the movies. But it also greets fans by posting photos on Instagram from time to time.

Meanwhile, this sale is going to get married soon. Recently with Sukruthi Akshay Singh
The engagement took place. The couple posted photos of the ceremony on their Instagram page. These photos are currently going viral. In this context, Sukriti posted on Instagram, ‘My world is my father. He was always with me, patting my shoulder when I was scared, making me happy, holding my hand and leading me. He always behaved like a good father. My mother died five years ago. Since then Amma has also given herself love. Being a single parent is not easy. The strongest person I know is you daddy .. you are my first love forever ‘she wrote with emotion.


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