Sukku is planning to hit Rajamouli… what is he doing…!

Who is the greatest director in Tollywood? The name that is definitely heard on everyone’s lips is director Rajamouli. But with Baahubali 1, Baahubali 2 and recently Triple R, Rajamouli has gone to a higher level than anyone else. But till yesterday the name of the word magician Trivikram Srinivas was in the second rank. Now the scene has changed with the movie Pushpa, Bunny and Sukumar have made a good name at pan India level.

The movie Pushpa, which came without any expectations, collected 100 crores in Bollywood. This is not a common thing, Trivikram does not have a good market in non-Telugu. Trivikram’s films did not achieve great success in other languages ​​except Telugu states and overseas. But after seeing the success of Pushpa, there are praises that the director who will compete with Rajamouli will definitely be Sukumar.

Such is the great achievement of Pushpa. That is why Sukumar is very carefully sculpting Pushpa 2, which is coming as a sequel to Pushpa. There is no compromise in any matter. Pushpa movie got huge profits. Hence for Pushpa 2 together Rs. It is said that a huge budget of 500 crores is being laid. But till yesterday Pushpa 2 target was advertised as 1000 crores. But Sukumar who came to triple R movie with Pushpa 2 Rs. It seems that the target has been set to cross the collection of 1200 crores.

Now Bunny Target is also saying the same. Either way Triple R should break movie records. Inside, they are working on the same level for Pushpa 2. Insiders talk that the fight that has already been shot in connection with a government guest house and a police station has gone very well.. This will be the highlight of the film. In the movie, the hero is seen in very rich getups with various costumes.

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