Sudigali Sudheer : Sudigali Sudheer made an irreparable mistake.. Whole career is ruined..!!

Sudigali Sudheer : Yes… Sudigali Sudheer made an irreparable mistake in his life. That big mistake is not something else. Like Hyper Aadi, it would have been better if Sridevi left the Jabardasth program while continuing with the drama company or Sridevi left the drama company while continuing with the Jabardasth program. But Sudheer left Mallemala and ETV programs altogether and went to another channel. They raised their hands saying that they are not getting the rating, Sudheer is looking in the direction. As a hero, opportunities are coming one after another

To what extent the said Sudhir is getting those opportunities, we all are watching. It must be said that the speed in his career is not as fast as it was when he was doing it in Jabardast. While he was doing the Jabardast program, he got successive film offers, but now he is not in a position to get even those film offers. Sudigali Sudhir was worshiped by fans as Bulli screen superstar. But he said that the film industry is important to him and left. There are a lot of superstars out there, so there are very few people who care about Sudhir Sudhir.

Sudigali Sudheer fans praying to god for Jabardasth Re Entry

There is no doubt that if Sudheer had stayed in the TV industry, he would have got much more recognition. Many people are expressing the opinion that the mistake he made is now going to destroy his career. On social media, those who once worshiped Sudhir Sudhir as God are now punishing him for his mistake. Many people are commenting that it is a big mistake to do this, which makes Sudhir feel sad. Sudheer’s fans are praying to God that it would be good if Sudheer’s sisters give him a chance to re-enter Jabardast. But many people are expressing their opinion that it is doubtful that it will happen.

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