Sudheer Babu | Will appear in two roles.. Offers are sure after the release of Hunt: Sudhir Babu Chitchat

Hunt is an action thriller starring Tollywood hero Sudheerbabu. Directed by Mahesh Surapaneni. Hunt is all set to hit the theaters on January 26. On this occasion, Sudhir Babu shared the features of the movie in a chit chat with the media. Sudhir Babu’s words about Hunt movie..

About the Hunt movie..

There are many lead roles in this movie. Coming as an engaging thriller, this film will make everyone suspect as a suspect.

What will your role be?

Acted in the roles of Arjun A and Arjun B. Arjun A is a very brave police officer. Arjun B is a person with memory loss. That means Arjun is completely different from A. Playing these two roles was very challenging. I can say that everyone will appreciate my effort after the release of the film.

On the fight scenes..

The fights are going to be engaging for the audience. We worked very hard in the action scenes. As a sports person, doing risky fights was not that difficult. The making video shows how hard we worked. Stunts are part of the story. Emotions move everyone. Each action scene lasts 4-5 minutes.

How is it working with Srikanth and Bharat?

Enjoyed working with both actors. I can definitely say that Hunt is among Srikanth’s best roles in recent times. Learned a lot from him. Among the costars I have worked with, Bharat is the best actor. His role is short in terms of length. But Bharat’s character has a lot of influence on the story.

About director Mahesh..

Mahesh knows what he wants from an actor. A very dedicated person. He discusses the script with us to make the film better. After the release of the film, he will get a series of offers.

What about your new movies?

You all know that Mama Mashchindra is doing it. Apart from this, I am doing another film under the banner of UV Creations under the direction of Abhilash Reddy. More details will be given soon.

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