Sudha: At that time NTR held my legs and did that.

Sudha: As a character artist, senior artist Sudha has done many films in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam languages. Although a Tamil actress, Hema Sudha got more opportunities in Telugu and settled down here and changed her mold to a Telugu one. She mostly impressed the audience with the roles of mother and aunt. Saita acted as mother and aunt to star heroes and heroines.

Sudha, who has acted in more than 500 films, is currently doing some Telugu films. In a recent interview given to a YouTube channel, Sudha made interesting comments about NTR. NTR and Sudha acted together in Baadshah. Heroine Kajal played the role of mother in this movie. In a scene in the movie Baadshah, there is a scene of dancing with NTR to old songs. In this Sudha Adaragotte along with NTR. This scene is still very popular.

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In a recent interview, Sudha shared an incident that happened during this scene. Sudha said.. The first take in the scene of dancing with NTR was okay. However, I said, let’s take another take to see if it’s better to do it one more time. NTR said that it has come well, why else? But he said it was for me. I sprained my leg while doing the second time. When he was about to fall there, he held NTR and made him sit. He took hold of my leg and sprayed the pain relief spray on the sprained area. He massaged my leg. A star was a hero and did that. If there are other people in NTR’s place, Chusukondamma will tell other people to be careful and leave as if it has nothing to do with it. But NTR did it by holding his legs. He is so good. Usually star heroes are called with respect in the industry. They keep addressing you. But I say NTR is the man. I feel like my son. NTR also said what he would say.

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