Sudeep on Language: There was no point in starting any riot or debate, South’s actor Kicha Sudeep said on the language dispute

South star Kiccha Sudeep (Kichcha Sudeep) Has said that he has no intention of stirring up a debate with his comments on Hindi as he has criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for calling Indian languages ​​the soul of ‘Indianness’. (PM Narendra Modi) praised. Last month, Sudeep Bollywood star Ajay Devgan (Ajay Devgn) He was involved in a Twitter exchange with PTI, on his comment that Hindi is “no longer our national language” which later turned into a major debate about imposing Hindi versus preserving India’s linguistic diversity.

Sudeep praised PM Modi’s speech on language

On Friday, May 20, during his virtual address to BJP office-bearers, PM Modi said that the party considered all Indian languages ​​worthy of reverence, a statement that stunned Sudeep. Sudeep told NDTV in an interview that, “I did not mean to start any riot or any kind of debate. This happened without any agenda. This was an opinion that I voiced. It was an honor and a privilege to hear a few lines from the Prime Minister’s mouth.” He said that, “When he himself makes a statement..everyone who treats his language with respect and dignity, it is a big deal to see him speak like this.”

The 48-year-old actor said PM Modi’s statement was a “warm welcome to all languages”. Sudeep said that, “I am not only representing Kannada, I am talking…With those few statements of the Prime Minister today everyone’s mother tongue has been respected and I was coming there from that day. We don’t see Narendra Modi just as a politician, we see him as a leader too.

In his virtual address, the Prime Minister said that it is the BJP that has combined India’s cultural and linguistic diversity with national pride. PM Modi said, “Priority to local languages ​​in the National Education Policy shows our commitment towards all regional languages. The BJP considers Indian languages ​​as the soul of Indianness and a link to a better future for the country.

Attempts have been made to create new disputes on the basis of language

He said, “I want to mention this specifically because in recent times there have been attempts to create new controversy on the basis of language. We have to constantly alert the people of the country about this.” In the interview, Sudeep said that his comments about Hindi, which led to a sharp reaction from Devgn on Twitter, were not directed towards any language or anyone in particular.

He said, “I come from a film fraternity and we don’t like it when South films are called Pan India. It has nothing to do with Hindi. This is our country and we are trying to reach out to everyone because cinema halls are open to all languages ​​and every audience and every state wants to watch a film as long as it is good.”

Not good for our films to be called pan India: Sudeep

Sudeep said that when “certain areas” were called pan India, it “did not go down well with me”. “It had nothing to do with ego or feelings of any kind. It is just a fact that Pan India, whether it is coming from South or Hindi industry, as long as you are dubbing your films in other languages, they should be called Pan India.

On the work front, Sudeep is currently awaiting the release of the 3D mystery thriller ‘Vikrant Rona’. Directed by Anoop Bhandari, this film will be released in six languages ​​Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and English.

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