Stopped near the gate

Superstar Rajinikanth commented philosophically that no one can predict who time will take to which peaks and when it will push them into abysses. Recently, Rajinikanth participated in the 50th anniversary of famous theater artist YG Mahendran’s play ‘Charukeshi’ in Chennai. This play is being made into a movie. On this occasion, Rajinikanth recalled the old days when he went to see a play produced by Yji Mahendran’s father Yji Parthasarathy in the 70s and could not find entry there. ‘Even then I acted in a small role in the film ‘Apoorvaragangal’ (1975).

It also got some recognition. One day I went to see a play by Yji Parthasarathy with my friend Kanmani Subbu. My teacher Balachander was the director for it. They stopped me at the gate without recognizing me as an artist. They categorically said that there is no entry. Just when I was about to turn back, a costume designer recognized me and came inside. Rajinikanth said that now I am a guest at the 50th anniversary celebration of the same play. He talked about health matters on the same platform. Rajinikanth stated that drugs, cigarettes, meat… these three are a terrible combination that spoils health.

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