Star Heroine : Link with the director.. Love with a friend.. Did that heroine who had no opportunities finally take such a decision..!

Star Heroine: In the colorful world of cinema, it is difficult to say who will become a star..who will fade out. There are heroes and heroines who get star craze with just one movie. Even though they have been doing films for years, there are those who cannot get the right craze. In this sequence, even if a heroine has all the qualities that go to the star range, she is behind in her career when luck comes together. She also acted with senior heroes as there was no profit in films with young heroes.

However, her fate did not change. So far it is known who the heroine is Kanche Bhama Pragya Jaishwal. Pragya came into the lime light with the movie Kanche and then paired up with young heroes like Nagarjuna and Balakrishna. However, the seller was not lucky at all. Even after a hit movie like Akhanda with Balakrishna, her fate did not change. That’s why Pragya Jaishwal is determined to get married. Earlier, the media linked her with a director.

Star Heroine Pragya Jaiswal crazy decision

It was because of her that the director divorced his wife. But the latest is that Pragya Jaishwal is determined to get married to her friend as her career is not so great. It is known that the reason for this decision of the seller is lack of opportunities. And whether Pragya is really getting married.. Who is the lucky friend she will make?.. Will she say goodbye to movies after marriage?

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