Star Heroine: If given a film chance.. the star heroine will do that..!

Star Heroine: Malayalam star Keerthy Suresh has achieved star craze in Telugu and Tamil languages. A super following has been created for sales in our country than in our own language. But the movie Mahanati in Telugu took her to another level. Keerthy Suresh proved herself as an actress with that movie. Keerthy Suresh, who has a perfect voice in any matter, made her comments on things like the casting couch. Metoo.. that things like casting couch did not happen in his life.

Keerthy Suresh frankly said that if someone asked her, she would have put a full stop to her career. Keerthy says that she will do any role if given a chance in the film, but she will not accept anything like casting couch. Ammadu, who was a bit shy about glamor until recently, says that she is now ready for the skin show. Many heroines enter every day. They don’t know who will click among them and the heroines want to continue this craze that they got.

Star Heroine Keerthi Suresh ready to do for movie offers

That’s why the glamor side of fame also sparkles now. If Keerthi stays like this, there is a chance to continue the super form for another five or five years. Keerthy Suresh, who is entertaining the audience with her experiments in Telugu and Tamil, is pleasing with her trademark performance. As the glamor show is OK, Keerthy is also receiving huge offers. Keerthy Suresh, who is currently doing a Dussehra movie with Nani, will do two more projects in Tamil. Keerthy is showing her mark in every movie and fans are asking her to do another movie like Mahanati.

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