Star director committed to daughter-in-law as girlfriend.. Industry shock..!!

Star director Mani Ratnam does not want to talk about this name. Still, our Tollywood star heroes and star heroines are anxious saying that they should make a film under his direction. Such a crazy fan following.. Director Mani Ratnam made the special direction fall on him. His recent movie is Ponniyan Selvan. Directed by Kollywood star director Mani Ratnam, this ambitious film features big stars like Jayam Ravi, Karthik and Aishwarya Rai.

This movie is going to release in grand theaters on September 30. As the release date is nearing, the film unit has sped up the promotions. As part of these promotions, a news has gone viral on social media. Everyone is shocked to hear this news. Mani Ratnam is trolling his girlfriend saying that he is fixed with an unexpected daughter-in-law. We know that Mani Ratnam wrote the story of this movie. But the right team was not found and it was not screened until the time came.

Originally, this movie was originally planned to have Rajinikanth in Vikram’s place, Kamal Haasan in Karthik’s place and actress Rekha in Aishwarya’s place. But in the past this project was stopped due to some unavoidable reasons and now time has come and Mani Ratnam has changed the cast and directed it. Film analysts say that this film will definitely rewrite the history of the film industry.

But some trollers are trolling saying that Amitabh Bachchan should make a movie with his girlfriend and finally he made it with his daughter-in-law Mani Ratnam. We know that Amita Bachchan loved Rekha in the past. For some reasons the couple did not get married. But already Rekha continues to like Amitabachchan.. Let’s see how this movie will rewrite the history of Kollywood. People are calling this movie Baahubali of Kollywood.. In which range this Baahubali of Kollywood will steal records..?

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