Star daughter’s worst act with boyfriend in public.. Video going viral..!!

Lately, star daughters are behaving uncontrollably. Some get married and give birth to children and give divorces.. while others give everything before marriage and pretend to be Eve. Presently, Ira Khan, the daughter of Bollywood’s big hero Aamir Khan, comes in that list. Not to mention this sale. As the daughter of a star hero, Ira Khan is always trending in the film industry on social media.

Recently, this beauty shook the social media by celebrating her birthday in a bikini.. Then this beauty shut people’s mouths saying why she celebrated by wearing a bikini. Recently, Aira Khan once again became viral on social media with her worst behavior.

We know Aira Khan has been dating cyclist Nupur Shikhar for the past two years. The couple has also officially announced this matter. In the past, both of them were booked many times for parties, pubs, night time media. However, this couple is rushing as if it is going to decrease. Recently, at a cycling event, Aira came up to him and sat down on his knees, gave him a ring and asked him to marry her. After that, while everyone was watching, they gave a fierce lip kiss in public and shocked. Currently, this video has gone viral on social media. Moreover, people are trolling Airani saying that you will surpass your father.

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