SSRajamouli | James Cameron who watched RRR twice.. Rajamouli’s emotional tweet goes viral

James Cameron | Rajamouli tweeted that he has watched the movie RRR twice by the legendary Hollywood director James Cameron. After being nominated for Oscar, Rajamouli and Keeravani are buzzing in America with their family. In this context, he met Rajamouli and James Cameron at an award function held in America. He chatted with them for a while. Jakanna shared the same with his fans through social media.

‘The great James Cameron saw the movie RRR. He liked it very much. Moreover, he recommended it to his wife Tsujiki and watched it again. Still can’t believe you spent ten minutes analyzing the movie with me. Similarly, I am happy to be praised by saying ‘You are the top director in the world’. Thank you both,’ Cameron shared a photo with the couple.

Currently RRR is buzzing in the international event. RRR recently won the prestigious Golden Globe Award and recently won two more awards. It won Best Foreign Language Film and Best Song (Natu Natu) awards as part of Critics Choice Awards. Natu Natu song was shortlisted for Oscar. It has been ten months since the release of the film, but we are still talking about it. Recently, RRR got to discuss about a movie for so many months. If it created a sensation with the collections at the time of release, now it will create a sensation with the awards.

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