SSMB29: Expectations on Mahesh’s movie with RRR Oscar have increased!

SSMB29: Director SS.Rajamouli has not only made Indian cinema global, but also won a prestigious award like Oscar. Now this sensational director is getting ready to focus on his next project. Jakkanna has already announced that he is going to do his next film with Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu. As a result, the expectations of this movie are being created in a range.

SSMB29: Hollywood big company eyes on Mahesh-Rajamouli movie..?

However, with the RRR movie getting an Oscar, it is certain that all the movies that Jakkanna will do in the future will also gain recognition at the global level. With this, the expectations for the upcoming Mahesh Babu movie under the direction of Rajamouli have increased dramatically. Everyone is interested in what kind of story Jakkanna will open this movie.. What kind of role will Mahesh play in this movie? However, Rajamouli had earlier revealed that this film is going to be shot in the background of the African jungle.

SSMB29 : Rajamouli-Mahesh movie is the same.. Rajamouli told about Mahesh movie at Hollywood Film Festival..

And Jakanna is getting ready to make this movie with universal story. There is a talk in the film circles that Mahesh is sure to compete with Hollywood heroes in terms of looks in this film. Now it is interesting to know what kind of story Jakkanna will prepare to make Mahesh’s film in a way that the global audience will like.

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