SS Rajamouli: Rajamouli rented a house in America.. Mahesh Babu got to know about the matter and the fuse blew..!

SS Rajamouli : Need to say something special about SS Rajamouli? He is now in the Oscar range. SS Rajamouli is the reason why Telugu cinema won the Oscar for the first time. He is now not only a Tollywood director.. a Hollywood range director. Jakkanna is not for making Telugu films.. Jr. NTR said that he is the range of making Hollywood films, that is, we can know what is Rajamouli’s range and what is his craze. With the Oscar award, now all the countries of the world are talking about RRR movie.

ss rajamouli rented house in america for mahesh babu movie

An Indian movie.. It is not a common thing for a Telugu movie to receive an Oscar award. I don’t know how many years a Telugu film has to wait again to receive an Oscar again. Rajamouli has completed 20 years as a director. His movies have been super duper hits so far but not a single movie has played average. There is no doubt that Rajamouli’s film will be a super duper hit. Rajamouli is credited with making a film with a fly as the hero and creating history.

Rajamouli rented a house in USA..??

SS Rajamouli: Completed 20 years as a director

After receiving the Oscar award, Rajamouli had a party with NTR, Ram Charan, Keeravani and Chandra Bose at a house. The party was held in a rented house. Rajamouli rented that house during RRR promotions. Rajamouli rented that house in Los Angeles. Despite the high price, Rajamouli had to go to America many times for Oscar promotions. That’s why it was taken for rent. After receiving the Oscar award, the entire film unit threw a party.

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