SS Rajamouli: Rajamouli is keeping Bollywood awake.

Director Dhiru Rajamouli is not letting the Bollywood industry sleep. Graphics Wonders, Pan India Films, Global Image, etc., Jakkanna, who has been throwing new challenges to North cinema from time to time, has now set another target. At a time when Indian cinema was in a commercial trend, director Dhiru Rajamouli made visual wonders like Magadheera and Eega and made even Bollywood makers look towards South cinema. Although the North makers were alerted by these successes… Jakanna was not expected to cross the Bollywood range. But it didn’t take long for that confidence to break.

Jakkanna, who opened the gates to the Pan India market with Baahubali, has also conquered the North market. After that, many Bollywood makers have tried to plant the flag in the south in Rajamouli’s path… so far, there are no records of success. Even though films like Brahmastra were successful in the South, they did not get a huge following. Baahubali 2 has put many challenges in front of Bollywood not only in terms of collections but also in terms of records. Indian cinema not only reached the one thousand crore mark in a range never seen before but also became the highest grosser in Bollywood and set a big target for the North makers. At this time, Pathan cinema gave hope to the North industry.

The makers of North, who recently broke the record of Baahubali 2 with the movie Pathan, got another shock before they could catch their breath. Jakanna once again threw herself into Bollywood’s dilemma after successfully performing on the Oscars stage. Tripular created history as the first film to win an Oscar in the hundred-year-old Indian film industry. Now that the Natu song has won an Oscar, Bollywood movie fans are preparing strategies to achieve this target.

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