Srilila is only interested in people with mustaches..this is the secret behind it..!!

In recent times, everyone knows that young beauty Srilila’s name is going viral on social media. Especially after the release of the movie Dhamaka, everyone is talking about Srileela’s name as a hot topic rather than Ravi Teja. Choreographer Shekhar Master also praised her saying that the main reason for this is that she performed the difficult steps in the film without feeling awkward. It appears that some more opportunities are coming in this order. In the same sequence, a news going viral on social media saying Srileela got a chance to act in Pawan Kalyan’s movie.

We know that Tollywood hero Power Star Pawan Kalyan is currently busy in politics and is also doing films. In the same order, while he is busy completing the schedule of the films he has already committed to, there is a talk that Sri Leela has got the opportunity to play the heroine in the soon to be released movie. Of course if compared to Pawan Kalyan Srili is very young. But in terms of character, in terms of the content of the movie, only Sri Leela will be correct in this movie, the director said.

Moreover, lately Sri Leela is more interested in doing movies with darker heroes than movies with young heroes. It is in this order that Srili likes heroes with mustaches on social media and that’s why their movies are okay..The main reason is that those heroes have a background score. Fans are there to make any movie a hit. So Srileela will get hits in her account and she will go forward with the same strategy and people are openly saying Srileela’s strategy as this Kannada papa. Let’s see how Srilila’s name will change in the coming days..?

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