Sri Reddy: Hyper Adi and Pawan Kalyan were kicked out by Sri Reddy..!!

Sri Reddy: Sri Reddy, who is known as the Queen of Controversy, is in the news mostly due to her recent controversies. Although she did not act in many films in the industry, she gained popularity through controversies. In particular, this lady, who was half-naked in front of our association, was expelled from Tollywood with the comments made by many directors, producers and heroes who used her physically by saying that they would give her opportunities. Due to the lack of opportunities in Telugu, she is currently doing films in Kollywood and settled there.

It responds in its own style from time to time. Recently, she expresses her anger once again. The other day when the Janasena Yuvashakti meeting was held in Srikakulam, Comedian Hyper Adi got angry and spoke. Amma who scolded Aadi badly with bootuli said that Aadi has no shame and scolded her. He was seen at Jagananna’s birthday celebrations the other day. Now, if paid, Janasena will take the stage. If he is paid, he will climb any stage. This hyper Adi Gadu is a dog that roams for packages.

Sri Reddy comments on Hyper Adi and Pawan Kalyan

Sri Reddy : Anger on Aadi..!!

He has no real shame. She scolded that in the package that came to Pawan Kalyan, a lot of money was also given to Adi. Sri Reddy expressed her anger that she did not understand how Adi was born in a Brahmin caste, which is not a real girl. . Boothu was agitated with dialogues saying that such widows should be kept away by Rojagaru. However, for the past few days, Sri Reddy, who has become agitated by targeting Hyper Adi, is in the news. But it remains to be seen whether Hyper Adi will react to this.

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