Sreemukhi: Sreemukhi riot in Goa beach.. She showed everything while everyone was watching.

Sreemukhi: Anchor Sreemukhi has more craze on social media than she has on television. Yes.. He got more popularity through social media. Compared to Bulli’s noise on screen, Srimukhi’s noise on social media is not normal. That is the popularity of Srimukhi. That’s why.. Sreemukhi is getting angry on social media.

Whether she wants to put on a bikini… her beauty has dried up… the only option she has is social media. Especially the noise made by Srimukhi on her Instagram is not normal. Srimukhi shares photos on Instagram whenever she can. Srimukhi has recently booked a holiday tour to Goa. As part of her Goa tour, she thoroughly enjoyed the beach.

sreemukhi latest photoshoot in goa viral

Sreemukhi: Sreemukhi made a fuss on Goa beach

She wore a bikini and a long dress with dots on it. Showing off her beautiful breasts, she went crazy. She took pictures with a green leaf on her chest. Netizens can’t stand seeing Srimukhi’s beauty while sitting in the sand next to the rocks on the beach. Netizens are commenting saying Baboy.. What a beautiful Babu. Anything Srimukhi is Srimukhe.. Nothing is inferior in front of his beauty.

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