Sreemukhi: Baboy Ramulamma, what is the fuss?

Sreemukhi : Anchor Sreemukhi has changed her ways. Once a glamor show, the woman who used to make faces is now excited in a range. This change in Srimukhi disturbs the boys. Srimukhi has recently done another hot photo shoot. It’s not all the hype he’s selling to his social media followers. Srimukhi’s latest photo is complete boldness.

It seems that we are trying hard to get promoted on the silver screen. That’s why the seller says that beauty works in this range. This hot show by Srimukhi has become the talk of the industry. First try movies but work out. Srimukhi, who has shown her strength on the big screen, is now determined to do wonders on the silver screen like Anasuya.

Sreemukhi Photoshoot for Dance Ikon Anchor

Sreemukhi also shows her glamorous side as a dance icon judge. Latest Srimukhi photos have gone viral on social media. The heroines are also turning their noses up at Srimukhi’s beauty show. Netizens are saying they can’t stand Baboy after watching Ramulamma’s special show.

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