Sreeleela | Srileela dropped out of Vijay Devarakonda’s movie.. That’s the reason..!

Sreeleela | Until recently, it was said that Pooja and Rashmika were the busiest heroines in Tollywood. But now Srilila’s name is heard. Along with acting, dancing has also become popular and has become an unstoppable craze among the youth. Telugu people are also chanting Srilila. At present Srilila has more than half a dozen films in her hands. They are also not Asha Mashi projects. She will act alongside stars like Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu. Besides, Yama is busy with Srileela’s back to back films. Who can’t predict which movie sets will be buzzing on any given day.

There is no doubt that Srileela is the main reason behind Pelli SandaD movie Anto Into becoming a hit. Srileela also played an important role in Dhamaka, which came out late last year, becoming a blockbuster. These are the words of movie analysts too. In fact, many in the industry say that no one can match Ravi Teja’s energy. Ravi Tejana dominates some scenes like that, which is not a common thing. But after this movie, there was an unstoppable craze for Srili. With the success of this movie, Srileela Gumma got a lot of offers.

Srileela also did back to back movies by following the principle of fixing the house while there is a lamp. But as all the films are taken to the sets at the same time, it becomes very difficult to adjust the dates. In this order, the inside talk says that this beauty has dropped out of the Pan India movie being made by Vijay Devarakonda-Gautam Tinnanuri combo. We have to wait for a few more days to get clarity on this. Currently, this beauty has lined up films like Guntur Karam, Ustad Bhagatsingh, Skanda, Bhagwant Kesari, Extraordinary Man, Aadi Keshav. Along with these, she will do two films in Kannada as well.

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