Sreeleela : Come on little child.. No, come.. Unspeakable atrocities are happening in Sreeleela’s case..!

Sreeleela: If any new heroine comes into the Telugu industry, all the heroes, regardless of whether they are boy heroes or star heroes, fall after her. Currently everyone is discussing about Kurra Bhama Srilila. The reason for that is his craze. His craze is not normal. She got the star heroine recognition with just one or two movies. She proved her range with Pelli Sandadi and Dhamaka. Especially his dance, but many people are fed up.

But.. Now all the boy heroes and star heroes want to have Srileela as the heroine in their movies. Directors are queuing up to him as they are asking him to be any hero. It is a truth that no one can deny that Pelli Sanadi and Dhamaka both played with Srileela’s charisma. That is why the eyes of all the boy heroes are on him. However.. Srili is currently in great demand in Telugu. He says that now the demand for him has increased… he has become like an unsatisfied grape.

star heroes are using young heroine sreeleela

Sreeleela : Did Sreeleela turn into a beautiful grape?

As Dhamaka became a super duper hit, his range also increased. Even so, some directors are ready to cast him in their films by giving him such remuneration. Those who are found are locking their dates as if found. Heroes are also giving green signal to romance with her. In any case.. Who will be happy when it comes to the beauty industry. Netizens are making comments saying that it is not just to steal the bribe.

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