Sravana Bhargavi: Sravana Bhargavi’s moving message.

Sravana Bhargavi: Singer Sravana Bhargavi, who started a controversy with a hymn, has stepped down. He removed that Annamayya kirtan from his video. In that place, the video was kept with another music. But this is fine, but the star singer has made his voice heard for those who have made his video controversial. On the platform of his YouTube channel.. under his controversial video..! There is a message in the description. Perspective is everything!! She tried to open everyone’s eyes by saying that.

‘When the whole world was against me, it took me a long time to think with maturity instead of anger. My response was to remain silent when my every move was challenged and criticized. But later I realized that there is a lot of power in it. And when some people tried to bring me down, it was the courage I gathered that made me stand up as myself..honestly. It’s up to you whether you see obscenity, indecency or strength, kindness, power and courage in this video. But in the end I say the same thing Perspective is everything! She wrote in her video description. The star singer is moving everyone in this message.

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