Sravana Bhargavi | Singer Shravana Bhargavi who has finally backed down..Annamayya video deletion!!

Singer Sravana Bhargavi has backed down on the video of Annamayya Kirtan, which has become controversial since few days. Annamayya deleted her personal video on YouTube from YouTube. Annamayya’s family members and many devotees of Swami expressed strong objection to this video.

Sravana Bhargavi has made a musical video on Annamayya Kirtana ‘Okpari Okpari Vaiyarame’. She acted in it. She released the music video on her YouTube channel. This video has gone viral. This got a great response. However, the members of the Annamayya Trust and the relatives of Annamayya have demanded that Shravana Bhargavi has changed Annamayya’s kirtans into romantic kirtans and the video should be removed immediately. Others criticized Sravana Bhargavi. Shravana Bhargavi reacted strongly to this. They complained that female singers create controversies only on audio and video albums. There is no question of deleting the video.

Meanwhile, some residents of Tirupati filed a complaint against Shravana Bhargavi at Tirupati East Police Station on Saturday. He asked to take action against Sravana Bhargavi who hurt the sentiments of the devotees. Shravana Bhargavi apologized to Annamayya’s heirs and demanded that the video be removed from YouTube immediately. Otherwise they warned that they will not let her set foot in Tirupati and prevent her from having darshan of Srivari. Meanwhile, Sravana Bhargavi came down on this video. He deleted the video from his YouTube channel. On Insta, Annamayya made it clear that he would remove the kirtan and keep the video with a different song.

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