Sr. NTR: The great NTR who displayed many variations and contradictions in the role of Ravana ‌

The protagonist who creates the epic. Herod the Great, who made a few pages of his own in history. Wade is a great hero who will forever remain in the hearts of the people. A brave man who achieves success in the face of adversity. Enteyar is the only actor who has got all these features in Pune! He has no role to play లేదు no juice to play. His performance in social films is unparalleled. And the historical, folklore is the flour that beats him. Mythology says so! There is no one better than him in nurturing the character of legendary men. Searching in seven locations, he does not appear .. That is why he became a world famous actor. Tomorrow is the 28th anniversary of the birth of that man. Let’s read in his own words what his favorite character was before! Now let’s find out how many different ways, how differently that role is played!

Nearly three hundred pictures. Twice as many characters. What a character he is! He’s the only one! Especially in the nurture of the character of Lord Krishna there is no one on this earth beyond Him. Krishna is the first to feel entiyare! Many actors before and after him played the role but could not match Enteyar .. He played the role of Lord Krishna in almost 14 films .. The same actor has earned the reputation of playing the same role in so many films. Apart from being the favorite character of Enteyar, who has so far excelled in the role of Lord Krishna, it is good that he is playing the role of Ravana. Entier‌ focused on that role with that passion. Searched Ramayana. Investigated. The character traits on Ravana’s attributes are examined. The outlines of Ravana were drawn on a mental plate. Ravanabrahma’s character is named after him for his hard work.

AVM started filming Bhookailas in 1958. Enteyar was selected for the role of Ravanabrahma. Because Ravana is so expressive. Enteyar is thrilled to have the opportunity to play the role of his favorite Ravana. Every actor wants to find a strong character .. He hopes to show off his acting skills. Ravana’s character upbringing made Rama Rao overjoyed. That role nurturing pre-birth was considered auspicious entier‌. The audience was enthralled by Enteyar’s performance in Bhookailas. The film was a huge success and brought fame to Enteyar. Awarded for Entier’s performance in Bhookailas. Rewards were also received. Something dissatisfied in Rama Rao though. Enteyar excelled as a devotee Ravana. But he wanted to create an image with the qualities of that theologian.

After the movie Panduranga Mahathyam, NAT should actually take Alluri Sitaramaraj. But why did Enteyar want to screen the Ramayana themed story. Wrote the script with the seas. Sitaram’s marriage story was supposed to be made into a film under the direction of the iconic KV Reddy. If the subject tells Kevireddy he is OK. KV also announced that he will play the role of Enteyar Ramudi and SVR Ravana. At exactly the same time, Danekula Buchi Venkatakrishna Chaudhary, a close associate of NTR, brought a book from the Andhra University Library in Vizag. The Ravanakatha is told with information gathered from texts such as the Shiva Purana. In that scripture the personality of Ravana is wonderfully revealed. Entier read the radical with interest. Learned new new things about Ravana. With that, Enteyar became more passionate about the role of Ravana and said that he would play the role with KV Reddy. He said he could not. KV Reddy dropped out of the project due to NTR’s stubbornness, which resulted in NTR having to direct Sitarama Kalyanam. By the end of the fifteenth decade, Enteyar was an unstoppable protagonist. He acted in about ten films a year. Negative rolling like that is an adventure! He also took over the directorial responsibilities for the first time. He completed the film very carefully.

How Ravana was portrayed in the Puranas as well as Enteyar was screened .. It was an experience for those who saw this magnificent scene how Enteyar acted as Ravanabrahma in the scene that provided the appropriate voices for Mandodari singing! In order to impress Kailasanadhu who was clinging to him, Ramarao created before our eyes Ravana, the musical masterpiece who created the Rudraveena with his intestines and brought that Parvati with him to life. It is no exaggeration to say that his performance in the Rudraveena Meete scene left the audience in awe. Another interesting thing is that Akkineni Nageswara Rao, who was competing with NTR at the time, saw the scene and became a fan of NTR. He even said this many times!

There are good and bad in every human being. Following this principle, Enteyar was able to discover two aspects in the role of Ravana. CH Narayana Rao, who became a beauty hero before Enteyar, has already proved what happens if an actor who has settled in the hearts of the people as a protagonist plays the role of a villain. Enteyar was making the film Sitaramakalyanam in which some friends avoided knowing that he was playing the role of Ravana by frying the character of Ramu with the beauty actor Harnath. Over and over he was directing for the first time and was sniffing at what it was like to play the role of a villain. If only the entourage, which has an unstoppable natural quality, would compromise! He was put forward because he had the self-confidence to praise the people. Succeeded. Ravana’s role in the Telugu screen has been given prominence and prominence.

No matter what role Enteyar played, the Telugu audience applauded him. He played the role of the villain but the jazz erupted. He was especially praised for his portrayal of Ravana. Decadence is considered a scientist by Entier‌. Before Sitaramakalyana, Enteyar played the role of Ravana in Bhookailas who was made a hero. Entier’s idea is that if Ramu’s character wears himself again, the viewer’s attention will be diverted from Ramu’s character. That is why Rama dressed up as Harnath. Ravana was a benefactor of charity. He was hailed as a prophet of monarchy, a ministerial expert, and an extraordinary genius in strategizing in war management. In the kingdom of Lanka he ruled popularly so that even the commoners could worship him. Seeing the glory of Ravana, the sun was afraid to shine in front of him! Jankevadata to blow next to the god of air. Seeing the sea Lankadheeshudini motionless! Enteyar again played the role of Ravanabrahma with similar qualities in Srikrishna Satya. Although he played the role of Ravanasudi to the fullest in Sitaramakalyanam, his passion for the role did not diminish. In it, Enteyar appears as Ravana for a while. However, Ravana’s mannerisms in this film are slightly different. Would be awful. Since KV Reddy is the director, can the character be nurtured like that! The performance was impressive for a while as the shape seemed to matter.

In fact the NAT company should make the film Sriramapattabhishekam after the joint family film. Entier has been postponing film production until the seas script is ready. Finally, in 1978, Sriramapattabhishekam was produced under the banner of Ramakrishna Cine Studios. In this self-directed film, Enteyar plays the roles of Sri Rama and Ravana himself. Enteyar took many precautions in nurturing the character of Ravana. The groom seems to have taken care of everything from the closet to the jewelry. Everything is fine but there is no soul in the movie. Although Enteyar made the film as he wished, the character was not redesigned to match the character of Ravana in Sitaramakalyanam. It was not possible for him alone. Roughly the same as the Veena song in Sitaramakalyanam was also depicted in Sriramapattabhishekam. The only change is B.Sarojadevi. Jamuna in the new movie. But it is clear that there is no song in the film Sriramapattabhishekam that Sitaramakalyanam is so charming and beautiful. Enteyar became an unstoppable mass hero by the time of Sriramapattabhishekam movie. Entier, who is accustomed to dominating other characters despite the complete script written by Samudrala Raghavacharya, also showed it in the film. The film was made by completely reducing the demonic features in Ravanasurudi. Over and over the rhetoric appears to be artificial. The influence of Duryodhana’s character in the earlier Danaveerasoorakanna seems to have fallen into this category. In it, Ravana calls himself a Dravidian. Moreover, NTR tells Ravana that Aryan Rama came to end the Dravidian race.

Enteyar‌ is so obsessed with the role of Ravana that he puts it whenever the opportunity arises! Despite doing so many films, he did not like the role of Ravana in Enteyar. Enteyar also played the role of Ravana in the Brahmarshi Vishwamitra, which he liked and produced during his tenure as Chief Minister. In this movie, however, the age is clearly visible. The throat lacked elegance. Something has to be done so it has to be done. On the Telugu screen, not a single Telugu community has played the role of an actor Ravana so many times in any other Indian language. This credit also goes to Nandamuri. Nandamuri had to say this about his favorite character as part of an attempt to commemorate his centenary on the occasion of his acting career. The character of Lord Krishna is as well known worldwide as the character of Ravana. No one else can play the role of Ravana in the future like Enteyar

Surprised by Enteyar’s performance as a decadent, a dean himself summoned Rama Rao and bestowed on him the world-famous Natasarvabhava title. The dean, who was in a state of spiritual contemplation, stared at Enteyar and said, “You were born here with a little bit of luck because you were born of reason. You, who excelled as Ramudi, acted wonderfully as Ravanabrahma.” What more could an actor want? In the Sundarakanda, he describes the beauty of Ravanasura to Valmiki. Hanuman thought when he saw Ravana measured in the full house. Aha… This form is outstanding .. The courage of this house is also indescribable… The glory is great .. Maruti thought. It is difficult to imagine anyone other than Enteyar for the role of such a beautiful Ravana. That’s why even though he is a villain, the audience went to Enteyar. Jazz uttered.

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