Squeezing in a single blanket “Zinthata Jita Jita”..we can’t see these poor romances in Bigg Boss bro..!!

Bigg Boss ..I don’t know how many people laugh when this name is mentioned ..but there are many people who curse. Recently, they are scolding in public. As we know Bigg Boss, CPI Narayan is the first person we remember. He keeps getting angry with Bigg Boss. Recently, it is known that even during the start of Bigg Boss 6, the host made bad comments on Nagarjuna. Meanwhile, the contestants outside are frowning at the happenings in Bigg Boss. All the contestants in the house seem to follow the Bigg Boss seasons very well.

If we connect with someone, we will stay in the house for a long time.. Realizing that Bigg Boss will not eliminate us if we create any kind of content.. we are creating such content in advance. In this order, Srihan’s comments in the recent episode became viral on social media. Talking about the prank incident in the recent episode, Sreehan said, “Every day when I wake up, there is a mark on my leg, sir. He said to Nagarjuna that this will happen since Arjuna came next to me. After this, Arohi immediately received .. “Three people sleep in one blanket, sir, I don’t know what they are doing.. I think that’s why there are marks on the poop” and made vulgar comments.

Because of this, some trollers are trolling in the media Aarohi’s words that three men are sleeping in the same blanket. Moreover, Nagarjuna and Tamanna who came as a guest were shocked by Aarohi’s comments on Srihan’s batch. People are creating memes and trolling saying that three boys are on the same floor in one blanket, what else is “Zinthata Jita Jita”? On the other hand, everyone is watching these vulgar words of Bigg Boss and they are scolding him saying such words. And some are getting fired saying “This is Bigg Boss show na .. Boothu show na .. what is it ..?” The thing that is not understood is that if something like this happens then the TRP rating of Bigg Boss will increase. Let’s see what harsh words will be heard next week..?

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