Sowmya Rao : Finally a new anchor for Jabardasth.. Will Anasuya forget Rashmila??

Sowmya Rao : Jabardasth is a very popular show on Telugu television. This show has been running successfully for many years. As it got a good rating, Extra Jabardasth was also started. It was also well received. Many comedians were introduced to the industry through this show. But for some time now, some people have been leaving these shows. Starting with Nagababu, who used to be a judge before, many comedians also left after that. Roja, who has been a judge since the beginning, also left recently after getting a ministerial position.

Anasuya and Rashmi have been anchoring the shows since they started. Varshini and Vishnu Priya did a few episodes when both of them could not make it for a few days in between. Anasuya and Rashmi Matra added beauty to the show with their anchoring and glamour. No matter who has left the show, these two have stuck together for more than ten years. But recently Anasuya also left Jabardasth as she got busy with films.

With the departure of Anasuya, everyone wanted to bring in a new anchor. But Rashmina anchored both the shows. There have been reports for a few days that a new anchor will be brought as the dates are not adjusted even for Rashmi. Who will be taken this time? A new anchor has been brought in for the latest episode of Jabardasth.

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A girl named Soumya Rao was brought as the new anchor. Soumya, who acts in many Telugu and Tamil serials, entered Jabardasth as an anchor. The promo for the first episode seemed okay. Counters and anchoring with comedians seemed okay. But bringing a serial actor as an anchor can be said to be an adventure. It remains to be seen whether Anasuya, who has also done beauty spotting along with anchoring, will compete with Rashmi and Soumya. And it remains to be seen whether Anasuya, who has been rooted for many years, will forget Rashmila or Soumya will keep her name for a few days and leave.

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