South makers got irritated with Ananya Pandey as soon as Liger got beaten up, next Pan India film out of hand?

Ananya Panday lost other Big South Films: Success matters a lot in the film industry. They say that everyone salutes the rising sun. The same thing has happened with actress Ananya Panday now. Bollywood star Ananya Panday made her debut with Telugu superstar Vijay Deverakonda’s pan India film Liger. Ananya Pandey also entered the South cinematic world with this film. Everyone had high expectations from the film. The songs, trailer and teaser of the film were well received by the audience. But then as soon as this film reached the theater. It could not impress the audience much. As a result, the film fell badly at the box office.

before the release of this film ananya pandey Everyone’s eyes were also on the Tollywood debut of. to the actress Liger Even before its release, many types of offers were started. If reports are to be believed, the actress was also offered NTR 30. However, the actress had not agreed to it till then. It is heard that the actress wanted to see Liger’s success before signing any other South film. So that he can demand a big amount for his next film. The actress did not sign any film awaiting the release of Liger. Reports claim that the actress was on the lookout to demand Rs 4 crore as soon as Liger became a hit. However, nothing like this happened and the film was badly beaten at the box office.

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It is heard that after the flop of the film Liger, the actress did not change her fees. He is planning to charge Rs 1.5-2 crore for the next film. But now the actress is not getting offers for any South film. According to the reports, according to the reports going on in the film industry, the filmmakers have not been particularly impressed by the actress’s acting. This is the reason why he has not been offered any other South film till now. Rather the films which were offered to him earlier also. Other actresses are being approached for this. If these reports are true, then it can certainly prove difficult for actress Ananya Pandey to step into the South cinematic world again.

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