Sonu Sood | Railway officials who warned the real hero.. because..?

Sonu Sood | Bollywood star actor and real hero Sonusood was gently warned by the railway officials. The reason for this is a video posted by him recently. On December 13, Sonusood posted a video on Twitter. In it, Sonusood was seen traveling carelessly on the foot board of the moving train. He was seen sitting on his toes on the edge of the train door holding the handrail and looking out of the train. At that time, the netizens were furious.

Meanwhile, the railway officials have recently responded to this incident. The real hero was gently warned. He commented on Twitter that it is very dangerous to travel by train like this. Dear Sonu Sood. You are a role model for many. It is very dangerous to travel on train stairs like this. Videos like this are sending a wrong message to your fans. Don’t do this again. Enjoy a smooth and safe journey by train. Currently this post is going viral.

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