So much fraud .. lie .. they used me and left me .. they cheated me .. the song that made me laugh and cry ..!!

Labodhibo says Galata Geetu that they cheated me.. They cheated me.. They used me and left me. Geethu Royal, who was introduced as a dubbing artist and then recognized as a jabardhast comedian, is trending as a hot topic on social media giving reviews and comments in her own style. But recently he entered Bigg Boss 6 as one of the top contestants.. the commotion .

At one time, the contestants said that it would be good if Geetu left the house. The same contestants shed tears while leaving Geetu House. Tempts and melts people with eloquence with her words. But everyone knows that Geethu did not play a double game. Talked like it was.. played games. People did not like those things. If Pulihora was a mixed batch like everyone else, Geethu would have stayed in the house by now. Anyway, Geethu came out of the house and did a good job, her fans say.

They say it is better not to take credit by singing in such a bad show. Geetu recently posted a video. In this video she said that she was badly cheated. “Bigg Boss revealed the secret that some of those who enter the house put PRs. She said that like everyone else, I also talked about PR.. He took 25 thousand from me and carved it without promoting me.. All my money is lost. Last season, many people talked about PR like that. But she said that no one has been cheated but I have been cheated..I have only got the support of my family after entering the Bigg Boss house..My friends have also cheated her. Present Geetu royal selfie video has gone viral on social media. Anyway, Geetu said that Bigg Boss is once again cruel and mean.

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