Sneha Prasanna : Sneha checked the news of divorce with ‘Prasanna’ with one photo..

Sneha Prasanna : For the past few days, news is being heard on social media that Tollywood senior actress Sneha is going to divorce her husband. Heroine Sneha married Tamil actor Prananna in 2011. Prasanna and Sneha acted as a couple for the first time in the 2009 thriller film ‘Achchamundu Achchamundu’. The bond between the two developed with that movie turned into love and two years later they convinced the elders and got married.

Actress Sneha: Even with age.. the beauty of friendship never diminishes!

Sneha, who stayed away from films for a long time after her marriage, has made a re-entry and is doing supporting roles. She also acted in some ads with her husband. But for some time now, there is a lot of publicity on social media that the couple is getting divorced. And in Last Two Days, Sneha is living alone away from Prasanna.

Annoyed, Sneha responded to everyone with her Instagram story. Sneha shared a photo of herself kissing her husband Prasanna and captioned it as, “Twinning… Happy Weekend”. This put an end to the rumours. They also have two children.

Sneha ended the news of divorce with Prasanna with one photo

Sneha ended the news of divorce with Prasanna with one photo

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