Singer Mangli : Do you know how much remuneration Mangli gets if he sings one movie song..!!

Singer Mangli: It is known that Mangli, who once appeared in TV programs, is now a top singer in Telugu. She sings not only Telugu songs but also Kannada songs and gains popularity all over South India. She has a unique voice and it is her nature to make people love a song given to her. That’s why fans say that her song is the most entertaining. The sweetness of her songs is popular on social media. Whether singing item songs or other songs, Mangli is her equal in changing her voice to suit the song and the situation.

Mangli used to take a remuneration of 10,000 to 20,000 rupees per song. But now it is surprising if her salary is so much. Information is received that Mangli will get a hundred times higher remuneration than the previous remuneration. Apart from that, she is regularly presenting songs to the audience through her own YouTube channel. It will not be surprising to know the amount of money Mangli earns through YouTube with private songs. She gets millions of views with each song. She already has hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. That is why lakhs of rupees keep coming to her every month.

singer mangli remuneration for her one song singing

After all, Mangli earns a huge amount of money from her YouTube channel, apart from getting a huge remuneration for singing songs in movies as a singer. And it is being advertised that her remuneration for participating in stage programs is almost double as compared to other singers. Mangli recently participated in an event held in Bellary, Karnataka. Many people are surprised saying that the reward Mangli took for that program is eye-popping. Her fans want her to sing more movie songs before Mangli. Also, every single fan is appealing to her to release songs more quickly on YouTube so that her remuneration will increase further.

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