Singer KK | Singing till the last breath .. Singer Keke speaks in a live concert ..!

Singer KK | Krishnakumar Kunnath, popularly known as Keke, died suddenly on Wednesday night. The news has shocked movie music fans all over. His fans are no longer able to digest the news of Keke Laden. Keke participated in a live concert in Kolkata. Many songs were sung on this occasion. Fans are in awe of the news that KK, who fell ill during this sequence, died shortly afterwards. Keke participated in a live concert at Gurdas College Fest in Kolkata. Keke’s health deteriorated while singing songs on the occasion. On the one hand it seemed embarrassing but on the other hand it entertained the audience and sang songs.

During this sequence he called the team as he was more embarrassed while singing the song ‘Hum Rahe Ya Na Raheen Kal’ and asked the organizers to turn off the spotlight. He then ended the live event at around 8.30pm and returned to the hotel where Keke was staying. However, even here he collapsed at once with no rest. He was rushed to the Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI) Hospital at around 10.30 am. Doctors who examined him there confirmed that he was dead. West Bengal Minister Arup Vishwas, who received the news of KK’s death, was rushed to hospital. Singer said he got a phone call that KK was dead, that he had spoken to his family and was coming to Kolkata from Mumbai.

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