Singer Kanakavva : How much does singer Kanakavva charge for one song.. How much if he attends the show?

Singer Kanakavva: Kanakavva’s name is mostly heard in recent times as folk. She has won fans by singing country songs very melodiously. Even though she is uneducated, Kanakavva, who is spreading her singing talent to many people with an excellent voice, after crossing the age of 60, gets a celebrity status and earns a good income. There are many people who sing songs with her as if no matter how much she is rewarded for her talent. Mangli acted as anchor

Kanakavva was introduced through a program. Kanakavva, who used to get two to three thousand rupees at that time, now takes a huge amount for a single song. Her song means a good reward according to the popularity of the people, but the information that she is getting is getting. All her songs are getting millions of views on YouTube. So there is no doubt that she is a girl who deserves to be paid in lakhs. And occasionally in other programs along with Jabardast

Singer Kanakavva remuneration for stage show and songs

Can also be seen. It is known that Kanakavva made noise in the latest Jabardasth program as well. Even for a single day or half day call sheet, Kanakavva Mininga is taking up to 50 thousand. Her appearance on the stage means that the audience will surely watch it with interest. That’s why there is nothing wrong in giving her that level of remuneration.. There are chances that her remuneration will increase further. All in all, a star celebrity even at this age, Pallaratnam Kanakavva is a role model for many people.

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