Singer Kalpana: Kalpana, a female singer who wanted to commit suicide.. This is the reason

Singer Kalpana is one of the most popular singers in the Telugu film industry. She mesmerized the audience by singing many super hit songs with her melodious voice. He sang many melodious songs as well as melody songs. He sang many songs with popular singers like AR Rahman, Ilayaraja, SP Balu, KV Mahadevan and Chitra. Not only as a singer but also as a dubbing artist and actress, she has made a special place for herself. Although he rose high in life, he faced many obstacles to reach this level. At one stage she decided to commit suicide. But with the courage of her fellow singer Chitra, she changed that decision. Kalpana has recently revealed about the incidents in her life.

Singer Kalpana, who participated in an interview recently, talked about the situations she faced in her life. ” I have been singing songs for the past 25 years. But got divorced in 2010. They already have three children. Make them read. But no job. Didn’t even get a chance to sing. I wanted to commit suicide when I didn’t know what to do. But at that time singer Chitamma gave me courage. Were you born to commit suicide? She gave me courage and encouraged me to move forward in life. The competition will take place. She said that she will participate in it. So I competed in it. I wanted to win somehow. Some say that the industry is defaming it. Told our family. But regardless of that, I worked hard and won that competition. I fought alone. After that victory there was a change in me. I am very happy right now,” said Kalpana.

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