Singer Kaala Bhairava Singer Kalabhairava apologized to NTR and Ramcharan fans.. because..!

Hyderabad: Singer Kaala Bhairava has sung a natunatu song in the movie RRR along with Rahul Sipliganj. This song recently won an Oscar award. Kaala Bhairava has recently made a tweet referring to his performance on the Oscar stage. That tweet led to severe criticism. Because Kalabhairava, who thanked everyone in that tweet, did not mention the names of heroes Jr. NTR and Ram Charan. With that, the fans of those two heroes criticized Kalabhairava.

Kalabhairava’s tweet said, “I am very proud to have sung the song ‘Natu Natu’ live on the Academy stage. Rajamouli Baba, Dad, Prem Rakshit, Karthikeya Anna, Amma, Peddamma.. all of them directly or indirectly helped me to get this precious opportunity. Due to their hard work and encouragement, this song reached all corners of the world and danced with everyone. That’s why I got the opportunity to perform on the Oscar stage. I am happy to be a part of this success,” he said.

However, the fans of the two heroes were furious with Kalabhairava for not mentioning Junior NTR and Ram Charan anywhere in that tweet. Netizens criticized the omission of the names of NTR and Ramcharan, who were the main factors that made the song a hit. Kalabhairava apologized to them and sent another tweet. NTR and Ram Charan are the main reason for the success of RRR movie, Natu Natu song. There is no doubt about it. But in that tweet, I mentioned the people who helped me from the beginning to grow to the stage of performing on the Oscar stage. There is no other purpose except that. It seems that my tweet was misunderstood. I apologize for that,” Kalabhairava said in that tweet.

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