Shruti Haasan : Oh my God…Shruti Haasan has so much matter? Doing workouts to show the whole thing.. Video

Shruti Haasan : Shruti Haasan is the name that is trending on social media right now. Because.. she is the heroine in two big movies released recently. On the one hand, Veerasimha Reddy.. on the other hand, Waltheru Veeraya.. acting in two big movies like this has increased her craze once and for all. Not only that.. She is now working on another big project. She is also the heroine in Pan India star Prabhas movie Salaar. But… he has a good character in Salar.

Shruti Haasan is working out for hours for that film. She is sweating in the gym. All the netizens are shocked to see her workouts in the gym. Because on the one hand, he was sweating.. he did not do normal exercises on everything in the gym. Netizens are enjoying themselves after seeing the workouts done by Shruti Haasan wearing a short dress. In fact.. Although both his films are big projects..

Shruti Haasan Latest Workout Video

Shruti Haasan : So much trouble for Salaar?

His role in those movies is very small. Has Shruti been taken just for the songs in the two films? His character is like that. But… not so in Salar. His role in Salaar movie is very big. Ata is a very important character in that too. That’s why Shruti Haasan is struggling a lot for that role. The video related to those workouts is currently going viral on social media.

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